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A 360* Solution for an optimized sales performance

Customer Dashboard and Custom Reports for evaluating sales outcomes

Lead automation and notifications for agile prospect management

Prospect segmentation on multiple parameters for future engagements

Complete Source, Medium and Campaign Analytics for better decision making

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A CRM with complete sales funnel coverage

  • Direct Lead Capture from multiple social media and branding websites
  • Automatic Lead allotment to our marketing executives
  • Communication automation for the complete sales funnel
  • Engagement Notifications for the prospects and existing customers
  • Engage with your leads through multiple channels
  • Track status of each and every lead conversation in the sales funnel
  • Get tasks and engagement reminders for your leads
  • Lead Qualification and Lead status monitoring
  • Create segments based campaign management
  • Create activity based campaign management
  • Create manual offers and service promotions seasonal campaigns
  • Analyze campaign analytics and outcomes channel wise
  • Analyze performance of different marketing channels
  • Analyze performance of different marketing executives
  • Track the outcomes of our communication and campaign strategy
  • Analyze the ROI of the marketing efforts and the current sales funnel

Other Business Optimization software for you

Sales Gate Optimizer

  • Analyze the performance of the sales force across the complete sales gate
  • Monitor the performance of different products across major client accounts
  • Identify account level and sales force level improvement areas with digitalization of sales reporting
  • Use Business Intelligence around sales cycle to optimize sales outcomes

Task Management Software

  • Enquiry and task management for all the clients
  • Ticket generation, allocation and timeline setting for smooth operations
  • Team KPIs monitoring and reporting for internal and external audits
  • Efficiency and effectiveness monitoring for individual team members

Billing and Accounting Software

  • Billing software for first time and returning customers
  • Multiple centres centralized billing and customer profiling
  • Billing to accounting automation for all billing management and needed adjustments
  • Ledger and reconciliation management for business stakeholders

Stock and Inventory Management

  • Centralized and centre based stock and inventory management
  • Account based and date based stock and inventory management
  • FIFO, LIFO, Batch Management and Expiry Management rules are present
  • Safety Stock Based and EOQ Modelling Based automations are present

Why Us?

Digital consultants customize it as per your business settings

A 3 click architecture to complete any task which is easy to learn

We support you with migration of existing database and a ready to use product in 72 hours

We provide training to the complete organization to ensure full utilization of benefits of the software

We support you with a virtual CMO engagement to maximize your business outcomes

We extend support to integrate all business APIs in our CRM ecosystem

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