I must say I'm very happy, very satisfied and impressed with what they are doing; the entire team is excellent. The outcome has been as per what they had promised.

I own a clinic called Medlinks in new Delhi. I do dermatology & trichology. We have been working with ichelon for the past 1.5 years, and I must say I'm very happy, very satisfied. I'm impressed with what they are doing; the entire team is excellent and abhash himself, deep with whom I coordinated a lot. They don't make you feel that you are pestering them. You just have to message them that we need to get this work done, and they make sure it's done on priority. They are doing for me right now: website maintenance, Google AdWords, youtube management, social media management, and in every aspect, the outcome has been as per what they had promised before they joined us. So, yeah, thank you so much, team ichelon, and keep up the good work. Thank You.

Dr Gaurang Krishna

Hair Transplant Surgeon, Delhi

: hairtransplantdelhi.org

What Ichelon was able to accomplish for me, they were able to get all my ideas and worked with me closely to create this amazing website

I want to give a big shout out to team Ichelon. It’s a digital marketing company in Gurgaon. They have made an amazing website for me. What Ichelon was able to accomplish for me, they were able to get all my ideas and worked with me over a period of 3 to 4 months and create this amazing website; super customized, very modern, very trendy, and it incorporates all the tools that I wanted from them; the patient portal, interactive website, nice pictures, patient reviews, etc. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to make a beautiful website.

Dr Rajan Kohli

Family Physician, Lakewood Primary Wellness, USA

: lakewoodprimarycarewellness.com

Team Ichelon have successfully transformed my dreams into reality

I like to express my gratitude and thanks to team Ichelon. My journey with ichelon over last one year have been great. They have been able to deliver a state of the art website. More than that, Ichelon team had been able to transform my dreams onto paper. They have a deep understanding of digital marketing in healthcare also. Their experience in this field makes it very easy for me to achieve what I want to in my field of interest. Ichelon Consulting Group is a really Best Digital Marketing Company In Gurgaon. Hope our association will be long and fruitful.

Dr B K Garg

Cosmetic Surgeon, Iconique

: iconiquebydrbkgarg.com

The thing I like about these guys is that they never over promise and under deliver

Ichelon has been working with me for over 2 years now. The thing I like about these guys is that they never over promise and under deliver, something which is very common with digital marketing agencies in Gurgaon. Digital marketing Companies in Gurgaon do make a lot of promises while acquiring a client but their service does not do justice to their promise, which is not a case with team Ichelon. So, a big shout out to these guys for doing such an excellent job with my website.

Dr Anupam Sinha

Orthodontic Surgeon, Orion Orthodontic Centre

: oriondentalcare.com

Team Ichelon have great experience of creating marketing strategies for hospitals and doctors

We all clinicians have very little knowledge around marketing strategies that works for digital world. While I have earlier worked with other digital marketing agencies in gurgaon as well, but never got results. It's been ever since the last two years that I have been working with the bunch of IIT/IIM guys from team Ichelon, a digital marketing company in gurgaon. Who have great experience of working in digital marketing for hospitals and doctors. I have seen a definitive surge in my business from my website and my social media pages.

Dr Ramanjit Singh

Medical Director, Dermcos Skin Care Clinic

: dermcosskincare.com

The best part is that , they are good with there communication skills and regular feedbacks.

Team Ichelon manage SEO marketing and adwords for my website. They have done a good job. The best part is that they are good with their communication skills and regular feedback. Whenever i have queries and requirements, they have been met as per my expectations and things have moved as per the timeline.Over the period of 6 months, my website ranking has improved. I am happy to recommend them to anybody who is looking to get a website made and along with that SEO and adwords managed professionally. Ichelon is a very decent digital marketing company in gurgaon for me.

Dr Vikas Singhal

Bariatric Surgeon, Medanta Hospital, Gurgaon

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